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Our Lady of Wisdom Healthcare Center

Welcome to Our Lady of Wisdom Healthcare Center.   Our mission is to provide quality comprehensive medical care to all our residents with dignity and compassion, regardless of ethnicity, nationality or religion.  As a long-term care facility, we strive to preserve and support the well-being and dignity of our residents.  Our overall goal is to strive to meet their spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical needs.  We choose to be more person-centered and to do our utmost best to accommodate our residents’ preferences – articulated or observed.  Above all, we strive to build relationships between ourselves and our residents that create a culture of respect.

Our Lady of Wisdom Healthcare Center envisions residents attaining their hightest quality of life. 

Our Lady of Wisdom Healthcare Center, faithful to its Catholic identity, is a welcoming community embracing holistic care in a  compassionate environment. Committed to working  together, we further the healing ministry of Jesus and place our residents at the center of care.

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March 1, 2014
His Royal Highness Fr. Francis Pistorius, S.J., and Her Highness, Mrs. Juliet Carrigee  presided over Our Lady of Wisdom's Mardi Gras Ball held recently to usher in the Carnival season. The Royal Auditorum Ballroom was adorned with the festive Mardi Gras decor to welcome the Royal Court.  The Court also included the 2013 King, Gordon Moore, and 2013 Queen, Ann Funk. As they we... » Continue

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